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Self-Service Data Analytics with StreamPipes

The Open Source toolbox for the Industrial IoT.
Easy to use and extensible.
Runs on-premise in your own infrastructure.



Integrate data sets and data streams using the built-in StreamPipes Connect library with support for generic protocols such as HTTP, Kafka, MQTT, OPC-UA, Files or specific adapters for open data sources.



Harmonize and analyze data by using the real-time algorithm toolbox ranging from simple filters up to pre-trained neural networks - or build your own algorithm with the provided SDK.



Trigger notifications, configure your real-time dashboard or send data to third-party systems such as databases (e.g., Kafka or Elasticsearch), external services (e.g., Slack) or IoT actuators.


Self-Service Data Analytics

StreamPipes is the first solution that makes real-time big data accessible to everyone: Our graphical modeler allows business analysts to define processing pipelines in an ad-hoc manner, without the need for big data experts or data scientists.