Who we are

StreamPipes is actively being developed by a dedicated group of people at FZI Research Center for Information Technology.

Dominik Riemer

Philipp Zehnder

Patrick Wiener

Samuel Abt

Constantin Merbecks

Johannes Tex

FZI Research Center for Information Technology

We are the Knowledge Management research department within the division Information Process Engineering (IPE) at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Karlsruhe.

FZI is a non-profit institution for applied research in information technology and transfer. Our task is to provide business and public institutions with the latest research findings in information technologies. As a technology transfer institute, our main competence is to master a balancing act between research and practice. As such, we are always interested in current real-world problems and challenges organizations face in our area of expertise.

FZI currently employs around 220 people, with 180 people working as research scientists in public research projects and industrial cooperations. In 2014, FZI was involved in 248 ongoing projects including 111 new projects (80 industrial and 31 public-funded projects) which started in this year.

FZI Research Center For Information Technology