Open Source

Open Source

StreamPipes is currently gradually being released as open source software. All required components that are not yet open-sourced are available in form of ready-to-use Docker images.
For enterprises, we offer services and an Enterprise Edition tailored to the needs of enterprises. Just Contact us if you have any questions!
Currently available as open source
  • StreamPipes SDK
  • StreamPipes examples and template project for Apache Flink
  • StreamPipes examples and template project for standalone pipeline elements
  • StreamPipes examples and template project for data stream definitions
Currently available as Docker image and Maven release
  • StreamPipes Core
  • StreamPipes UI
  • StreamPipes Wrapper for Apache Flink
  • StreamPipes Wrapper for Standalone Components
  • StreamPipes Wrapper for Esper
StreamPipes consists of four components.
  • StreamPipes Pipeline Editor The pipeline editor is a graphical, web-based editor to easily create processing pipelines.
  • StreamPipes Pipeline Manager The pipeline manager controls and monitors the execution of pipelines and provides assistance for intuitive and error-free pipeline authoring.
  • StreamPipes SDK The SDK is a programming interface that makes it easy to extend StreamPipes with new data streams, processing algorithms and data sinks.
  • StreamPipes Pipeline Elements A toolbox of generic, reusable or domain-specific processing algorithms and data sinks for a large variety of use cases.
We want to make sure that StreamPipes will attract a growing community of interested parties. This requires for clear user and developer guides and well-documented software libraries. Therefore, we plan for an incremental open source release of the StreamPipes components until the end of 2018.
  • December 2017. A first version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) will be released. A preview of the community edition will be available in form of ready-to-use docker images.
  • April 2018. We will release a first open source version of the StreamPipes Community Edition.
  • Summer 2018. The pipeline editor will be available as open source.