StreamPipes Services for Enterprises

Currently, we offer the following services related to the deployment of StreamPipes within your enterprise:
  • Proof of concept project. Technical workshop, use case workshop, installation of StreamPipes in your own premises and training - quickly benefit from StreamPipes by becoming an early adopter!
  • Installation support. We help you installing and getting started with StreamPipes within your own premises.
  • Consulting. We offer consulting services for assisting you in designing and implementing an event-based sensor analytics infrastructure in your company.
  • Custom development. If you have any specific requirements (e.g., development of new adapters to connect your own data sources with StreamPipes or development of custom data processors or data sinks), we are your competent and experienced partner.
In general, we love to convince new customers from the industry by conducting short-term projects which demonstrate our strengths to pave the way for long-term and trustful partnerships.
Fast track to new features
As a PoC customer, you benefit from the following, yet unreleased additional features:
  • An extended set of ready-to-use algorithms and data sinks.
  • Advanced authentication and user management.
  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Pipeline monitoring capabilities.
  • The knowledge editor that lets you import corporate knowledge that can be directly used within pipelines.
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